We help to fulfill the dream
and offer a professional care to the couples
trying for conception of new life.

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(61) 820 30 51 603 936 850 Janiny Omańkowskiej 51,
60-465 Poznań

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Diagnostics and Infertility Treatment Center
ul. Janiny Omańkowskiej 51
60-465 Poznan
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+48(61)820 30 51
+48 603 936 850




Basic Information


Our center specializes in diagnosis and treatment of infertility.  We have been in business for 15 years, helping our patients in their efforts to conceive a child.  We offer professional assistance from the the very first consultation through to a happy birth, enabling many couples to become parents.  

The high pregnancy rate among the patients who come to the MedART clinic is the result of our experienced professionals who use the most modern medical equipment during therapy and treatment.  This specialized equipment is available only in few institutions in our country.  Thanks to this we are one of the most respected infertility treatment clinics in Poland, enjoying a very good reputation among patients and a high credibility of doctors cooperating with us.  

The clinical staff was selected in such a way as to meet the needs of as many patients as possible.  Due to many infertility treatments available we want to ensure that each couple is given professional care tailored to their specific health situtation.   










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